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Baby Poultry Chick Leg Bands of 1 Color Per Package. Colors to choose from are Pink, Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Black or Purple. Quantity available 100, 200, or 500 per pack. Larger packs are available. They come in Small Size 3, Medium Size 4, Large Size 5, XLarge Size 6 

One Color Per Pack Baby Poultry Leg Bands

  • Identify your chicks with one or multiple color combinations.  Have more than 6 different breeds or varieties that need to be told apart, double band on one leg or 2.  Chicken Hills Leg Bands are economical Vs other options available for chick bands.  
    Super easy to put on and take off.  No unwrapping the spirals which, pulls on the poor chicks legs and joints.  Snap on bands can pinch when removed as they have to be pushed together to to get them to unsnap.  Our Baby Poultry Chick Leg Bands are soft much like silicone and stretch like a rubber band.  Bands are made from a medical grade, non toxic, plastic (elastic plastic). They are not made with rubber but stretch like them.

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