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Had to do something to get rid of my shoe fettish....  Now the bug has bitten, I have a leg fettish! Every bird should not have one band but, many bands that compliment just who they are!  LOL We will be air brushing toes tails next.. nah... well maybe..


Chicken Charm® is a Registered Trademark brand name for all our adult poultry leg band products.  Chicken Charms®  are patented.  There are copy cats out there that use people charms.  Believe me, there is a big difference in the end product! Our products are made for only poultry in weight, size, and the band we use. 


We have been using numbered zip bands for years for identification of our breeders.  The flock needed a girls touch to just a plain ole band.  That put the wheels in motion... It started out 4 years ago prototyping on big bulky zip bands with rather large slide charms for people. They were very sloppy on the bands and chickens, heavy, banged up and down,  and slid all the way around making it so, we were constantly picking up chickens to rearrange their cuteness.. The zip bands (cable ties) were very thick and hard to cut.  The head of the ties were very large and looked well, not so nifty.

Not happy with it all, a woman on a mission.... We started to design the charms to fit our stock. From there we started having a few manufactured, then a friend wanted some and her friend wanted some so now here we are!! It's been worth every cent invested, when people are having fun with them and chickens are looking as adorable as they are. Spreading the chicken love is what it is all about! 

New designs inspired by sitting in the garden and adoring the personalities of the birds and just plain need are in the works. This is only the beginning of bringing on the bling to our birds and fun products for chicken enthusiasts like ourselves! 


The chick bands we used on our stock were hard to get on and even worse to get off.   There just had to be a faster way to band without fear of injuring the precious babies.   One of chicks was allergic to rubber and we nearly lost them before figuring out what was going on.  This started a huge investigation into finding the better way.  We have been messing with different rubber free products and have come up with a nice alternative.   The chick bands are still a work in progress as we are adding new colors and fine tuning the make.  New products centered around the Baby Poultry Leg Bands are in the oven and will be released over the next couple of years. 


We hope you enjoy using the bands as much as we enjoy making them!


Wishing you and your feathered friends the very best!


Chicken Hill Poultry, LLC

Horseshoe Bend, Idaho


Chicken Hill Poultry manufactures chick leg bands and charms for zip bands. 
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