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Choose from 50 or 100 Zband Leg Bands Per Pack ~ 10 Colors To Choose From. One size fits 6-14.
Bands are 5.5"" long and fit; Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Game birds, One size can accommodate all of your flock. No more buying a band for every size bird!
Numbered bands are great for breeders that mark eggs with the parent numbers, showing, NPIP, hatching boxes, just to know who is who, for use around the farm.
ZBands will not fall off. No more picking up bands off the ground and trying to locate which bird it came off of.
Aesthetically pleasing, the thin .14" wide lets the viewer concentrate on the birds leg, not an overpowering band.
If you have more than one pen of the same variety, different colors can be used to ensure a number in both pens will not be repeated or each year a different color can be used.  If you need a certain sequence of numbers please state the numbers in the request section when adding to cart.  We will do our best to accommodate!  Number sequences available;

50PK; 001-050, 051-100

100 PK; 001-100

101-200 available in Blue or Orange

Higher numbers available in some colors. Special orders: 2000 band minimum. 

Zband Numbered Poultry Leg Bands * 1 Color Per Pack

Band Color
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