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Fun way to identify your birds! Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends and it is entertaining to watch charms float about your pens. 

QTY 1 = Set of 5 Flowers in 5 Colors, 5 Hearts in 5 Colors, 5 Lady Bugs in 5 different colors, 1 Super Hen and 1 butterfly . Also, included are 1 ea Super Bird, Bat Bird and the All American. Bands are complimentary colors.

Have more chickens than are in the pack? No Problem, each Chicken Charm™ is designed to match multiple colors of bands. Purchase an additional pack - Switch the band color and the identifier has been changed.

Chicken Charm® Poultry Leg Bands

  • The Bands: Use multiple colors to identify one bird from another in a pen or use one color bands for dif