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For the hero's in our life. Each charm comes with 1 Zip Band. Please, pick the color.

Bat Bird

SKU: Bat
  • Proper fit: The head of the tie should be placed at the rear of the leg.   There should be a triangle of open space between the rear of leg and the head of the tie  (where the tie comes together) to allow for removal. Bands should be loose enough to move up and down. Trim excess tie as close to the head of tie as possible.

    To remove a properly fitted cable tie; Pet toe nail clippers may be used.  Place clippers as close to both sides of the inside of the head of the tie as possible and lightly squeeze until one side of the tie pops open.

    Warning: As with any permanent band or poultry equipment, proceed with caution. 

    • Use only on adult birds
    • Check often for proper fit
    • Remove any protruding objects from pens and coops that permanent bands can catch on
    • Once the pointed tip of a cable tie has been pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it is prevented from being pulled back; the resulting loop may only be pulled tighter. 
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