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 Baby poultry leg bands - 125+ each of Yellow and Blue Bands Per Package.  They come in Medium Size 4, Large Size 5, XLarge Size 6


Please read!! These bands will work fine. Be aware though, these are not our normal wide cut stretchy bands.   They are a thinner cut width and do not stretch as far.  They will look small for their size but once stretched they will stay at the size on the package.   They are made from a rubber free product. 

Blue and Yellow Mix - 250 Per Pack

  • Medium: would be equal to a size 4 (1/4" DIA) Are for standard size day old chicks, ducks, light geese and the next size up from the Size 3 used on bantams and small poultry. 

    Large:  would be equal to a size 5 (5/16" DIA) for either Large day old poultry such as heavy geese or birds that have grown out of the Size 4.

    XLarge: Are equal to a size 6 (3/8" DIA.  They are used as the last size before a permanent band is applied.  They can also be used to tag adult bantams for short term sorting or marked forsale.  

    *Diameter (DIA) is measured from the inside of the band)

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