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Baby poultry leg bands - 100 Multi Color Bands Per Package. Mix of Green, Orange, Red, and Purple.
Must have baby poultry identifiers. Band at hatch to tell breeds, parentage, or chicks apart from each other. The soft stretchy leg bands, make it easy to put them on and take off and they stay on well. Once they start to get tight from the chicks growing, about 3 to 4 weeks, go up to the next size. Size 6 - XLarge - 3/8" is the last size to use for growing baby poultry before the adult size is applied.

Baby Poultry Leg Band XLarge Size 6 - 4 Mixed Colors Pack of 100

  • Choosing a size to start with

    Choosing a size to start with

    XSmall: Are egual to a size 2 (1/8" DIA).  Quail

    Small: Equal to a size 3 (3/16" DIA) Day olds; Seramas, small bantams, Call Ducks and small gamebirds.  After 3 weeks or so they graduate to a Size 4.

    Medium: would be equal to a size 4 (1/4" DIA) Are for standard size day old chicks, ducks, light geese and the next size up from the Size 3 used on bantams and small poultry. 

    Large:  would be equal to a size 5 (5/16" DIA) for either Large day old poultry such as heavy geese or birds that have grown out of the Size 4.

    XLarge: Are equal to a size 6 (3/8" DIA.  They are used as the last size before a permanent band is applied.  They can also be used to tag adult bantams for short term sorting or marked forsale.  

    *Diameter (DIA) is measured from the inside of the band)

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