Red Sheriff Stars and Pink Flowers

Our birds are useful as well as ornamental so why shouldn't their ID tag leg bands be the same! So tasteful they are a bracelet.  Whether loving on our back yard pets or keeping breeding records it is fun to add some flair to the flock!

Each pack includes numbers 1-20 and 30 bands. 6 bands in each color; Pink, yellow, FL Green, Blue and Purple

  • 1 size fits most bantams to large fowl, 6-14.  No more buying multiple packs of leg bands to accommodate your flock.
  • Change the band color - change the identifier. 1 pack of Chicken Charm™ Poultry Leg Bands, 20 charms and 30 bands in 5 colors, has 100 possible ID codes.
  •  Patented design for poultry.  Fits just right in size, weight, and design.
  •  Economical - Reusable, slide charm onto a new band after disinfecting.
  •  Perfect for shows and for the backyard flock - Chicken Charm™ #'s are stylish and will compliment your bird. Tone down the charm with a like color band to let your bird shine or bring on the BLING with a contrasting fluorescent band.

Chicken Charm® #'s Poultry Leg Bands Numbers 1-20 - Red & Pink